Exhibited work


Its been quiet on the blog front of the website recently but I’ve been working away behind the scenes. My most recent piece of work was a personal project, which I created to be exhibited in an exhibition!

This Piece of work explored the theme of Grief and the need for hope, It was created in an expansive forest, with cinematic lighting, it’s very exciting to create a new world through photography. I wanted the image to have a sci-fi element to it, with a sense of loneliness and darkness but with a glimmer of hope!

The work was exhibited at the Nottingham photo parlour and had its own Wall to fit the two A1 framed prints, its such a great feeling to have your work displayed for everyone to see and the response and support was amazing!

Photo taken on an Iphone 6 so not great quality!

Photo taken on an Iphone 6 so not great quality!

I want to say a big thank you to Dan McGrath for being a n excellent model :). 

These images are also  displayed on the home page so please take a look!