Make up shoot

Well, I started the year off with a little makeup shoot, it was a lot of fun to be creative and work with my talented friends.

We did the shoot based on the theme of the all-time favourite drink tea, Madz Abbasi was the makeup artist for the shoot so she had some great ideas on how to infuse tea into the makeup on the model Fatosh.

We did a teacup style shoot which reflected the pattern on the mug on to the model Fatosh's face to create a teacup look using her ear and cheek,  We wanted to create an arty style with this so used a plain white backdrop, and created shadows using natural light and a softbox light.


We also did a lifestyle shot of Fatosh drinking herbal tea in a colourful shoot with bright makeup and a hipster fashion theme.


These photos can be seen in the fashion part of the website, I really enjoyed the shoot and want to thank Madz and Fatosh for there hard work!

Make-up: Madz Abbasi

Model: Fatosh Olgacher